Software Engineer - Frontend

Gurgaon, Haryana   |   Full time

At Indshine, we tackle a wide range of technical challenges: from designing powerful but accessible features in a complex stateful application, to scaling a realtime web service to thousands of users. We work across many stacks and technologies, but we don’t expect anyone to know them all! Most of our engineers specialize in one area of our stack, while still being flexible enough to pick up new languages and make changes across systems when needed. As a member of our team, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to both leverage your existing strengths and learn new skills.

More than anything, we seek engineers with strong coding fundamentals and a track record of high quality engineering. We work in a highly collaborative environment, where most projects are owned by small groups of 2-3 people. We strive to foster a positive, inclusive culture. If you’d like to join us on our mission, let’s talk!

What You'll Do

  • Collaborate with designers, PMs, and other engineers to design features and break down high-level goals into tasks and timelines
  • Build, document and maintain tests, features and infrastructure
  • Communicate and document architectural designs and requirements
  • Provide thoughtful feedback to others on the team
  • Help interview and recruit more talented engineers to Indshine

Requirements for Candidates

  • Web application development with a focus on React, Redux, ECMAScript6/Typescript.
  • Understanding of WebGL and an inclination towards Geospatial Technology like mapbox-gl, deck-gl is a plus.
  • Understanding of backend architectures like Microservices, API Gateway and cloud-based technology stack like AWS, Azure or GCS is a plus but not the focus of your responsibilities.
  • Working knowledge of package management and modular architecture in frontend applications.
  • Interfacing with a huge number of APIs at once including but not limited to Standard REST, GraphQL etc.
  • Research and approach design by studying and/or designing complex frontend geospatial libraries available either open-source or proprietary.
  • Maintain a build, test, deploy release pipeline while ensuring quality and forward compatible code across application
  • Showing initiative to communicate and discuss possibilities of improvement in performance, speed, robustness of the concerned application.
  • Working proficiency and interpersonal skills in verbal and written English
  • Prior experience in leading a small or a large team focused towards frontend development is a plus.

About Indshine

Indshine is a Collaborative Map Analytics Platform founded in 2016. With our cloud-based application, stakeholders working in construction, mining and agriculture projects can easily get actionable insights without worrying about data management & sharing, maintaining versions or installing software. Anyone involved in the project planning and monitoring process can share and collaborate from a single source of truth, directly from browser. That makes it easy to make faster and efficient decisions without making frequent site visits and helps in avoiding unwanted hurdles which costs time and money. To learn more and sign up for a free account visit

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